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Movement — For evolution

An unusual aim

Köppencap came in being as a result of series of analyses, experiences, opportunities, obsessions and chance meetings, which ultimately revealed something obvious.

Creating a new brand might seem somewhat presumptuous! What distinctive signs are there that make it stand out from the existing offer? In what way do identity, personality, style, function, philosophy act as a point of reference, or even as a "guarantee" which make it possible to create brand preference in some of us?

So the challenge lay in making what was obvious a reality. Transforming a humble gesture into a certain ambition. Taking care of mankind and the environment, whilst being entrepreneurial!

For inspiration, Köppencap draws on the social trends of fluidity, so well described by Zygmunt Bauman in Liquid Modernity, studies into new forms of mobility by designer and architect Yasmine Abbas, the homeostatic research of Italian stylist Massimo Osti who created the Stone Island and Cp Company brands, Belgian designer Martin Margiela through his work on movement and deconstructivism for Hermès.

On the basis of this internal work which was conveyed in the bare essentials, it was necessary to develop a collective of awareness and skills that embodied the images in my thoughts!

Today Köppencap is preparing a Fashion Tech wardrobe of clothes and accessories for urban nomads in constant movement in their cities and in their "worlds".

A collection that makes it possible to make light of the uncertainties of the current climate and urban areas, to welcome urban opportunities and obligations with peace of mind and to embrace travel of all with enthusiasm.

This pared-down, premium wardrobe, with its slightly oversize style, has been designed to last for more than a season or two. The idea is that it should be kept for as long as possible and brought out again and again. It creates an architectural, modular and agile look that protects both the wearer and others.

In a colour palette reflecting the urban outdoors, punctuated with reflective tape and a removable technical LED-based accessory that creates a directional halo, the collection is for nomadic men and women who stand out from the crowd through their way of being, their way of seeing the city and the world, of thinking and acting for themselves.

Nicolas Boutherin / CEO & Artistic Director


In the four corners of the globe, we are known by our nicknames, such as commuter, neo-nomads, urban nomads, strap-hangers, suburbanites, mobile workers, etc. Everything identifies us as those who travel each day from one place to another, from one idea to another, from one urban appointment to the next, or to more far-flung destinations. 

We have a preference for comfort, a certain elegance and the flexibility needed to experience urban metamorphoses to the full.

We try to reconcile a plausible environmental future with scheduled obligations, opting for public transport and soft mobility such as walking and cycling, scooters and e-scooters whenever possible. We observe everything around us, work when it suits us, circumvent the obstacles life throws at us, we create new experiences, we sometimes fail and we often take risks.

We defend the values of openness, tolerance and respect for diversity.


Creating a brand makes us stand out through the simple fact of imagining our utopias that we will try and obtain.

So we think it is essential to start by sharing the words and figures of speech we use so that you understand where we’re coming from, so that we understand each other and so that we communicate effectively!  

Above and beyond this imaginary encyclopaedia, we make progress, slowly but surely, but sharing a few of our commitments with you with respect and honesty.

Products designed to last

We, tarmac slalomers, share a unique body language, which we draw on to inspire our garments. 

These movements and gestures have given rise to stylish coats. These designs will be extended or replaced each year with other styles, with the aim of becoming long-lasting, timeless favourites. 

Development that reflects our beliefs

We are investing in the quality and durability of high-end products whilst keeping prices at a level that is accessible to our production and sales model, which is free of middlemen.

Our commitment is to restrict the number of points of sale in the both the digital and the physical worlds so that we are as close as possible to our customer-base. Distribution of our products will primarily be on our e-commerce site as well as via selective network of official retailers located in major world cities.

Opting for quality over quantity, for a personal relationship rather than an impersonal one. A considerable challenge, but one that is really inspiring.

Products for our environment

Our project touches on new forms of urban travel which can only be envisaged in a city that is more secure, more inclusive and more attractive to live in!

Köppencap defends the right to move freely whilst working in favour of the environment, the right to connect places, people and ideas with courtesy and respect and make the world a bigger, better place, together.

Our membership of 1% For The Planet, an international network of companies who are giving 1% of their annual turnover to environmental associations, is a sign of our commitment to creating ethical movement between our business project and our environment.