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The metamorphosis of a contemporary city
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Scientist Wladimir Peter Köppen invented a classification of the climates to forecast the weather which are still used today. It is no wonder his name is in ours....
An Urbex session in the heart of Paris? Urban exploration enthusiasts describe the adventures that take them away from the nine-to-five grind of daily city life. Discover a sport that embodies the same values as Köppencap: freedom of movement and conscious observation of our environment.
Cycling commuters ride to work every day. They share tips and experiences on social media. They pedal useful, to live better!
Interview with Pierre-Henri Mattout, a men’s fashion consultant, to discuss outdoor style.
Yes: outdoor, with its technical clothing designed for sports activities in all weather conditions, is of great interest to the urban designers. 

A harmless breeze can make you shiver instantly with cold, even in good weather.
Why? Because wind blowing over skin accelerates heat exchange: it is called the wind chill effect. Protecting oneself against it is as simple as a windbreak: appropriate clothing is required.

Bike couriers are the modern-day version of the postmen who crisscrossed countries delivering news. Today, the two-wheeled rather than four-legged messengers are the unsurpassed experts of urban environments. Micro-mobility is their daily work tool. Baptiste Leprince, a bike courier for Deliveroo, shares tips on how to safely navigate the streets.

What we wear reveals a lot about about us, as people: our lifestyle, our culture and even our daily means of transport. Micro-nomads, more than anyone else, stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at what lies beneath the outer shell…
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