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The metamorphosis of a contemporary city
category : New nomads
American street and fashion photographer Saul Leiter captured the sidewalks and windowfronts like no other.
A sharp eye, a master of reflections, a delightful wanderer, he truly revealed the elegance and mystery of the New York streets.
The human sense of direction is a muscle that urban nomads need to exercise, just like their calf muscles. A scientific study took a look at the brains of London taxi drivers - specifically an area called the hippocampus - to prove it...
Scientist Wladimir Peter Köppen invented a classification of the climates to forecast the weather which are still used today. It is no wonder his name is in ours....
 Even if it has been proven that mobility equals health, human beings tend to give in to laziness. Several researchers have proven that today’s human being in rich countries does not spend enough energy on a daily basis. 
Cycling commuters ride to work every day. They share tips and experiences on social media. They pedal useful, to live better!
Interview with Pierre-Henri Mattout, a men’s fashion consultant, to discuss outdoor style.
Yes: outdoor, with its technical clothing designed for sports activities in all weather conditions, is of great interest to the urban designers. 

The reality of navigating a city by bicycle is not always funny… nor are the subtleties of micromobility always easy to explain.
Dave Walker’s inspired pen stroke reveals the details while succeeding in making us smile.
A joyous and realistic manifesto of micromobility.

Bike couriers are the modern-day version of the postmen who crisscrossed countries delivering news. Today, the two-wheeled rather than four-legged messengers are the unsurpassed experts of urban environments. Micro-mobility is their daily work tool. Baptiste Leprince, a bike courier for Deliveroo, shares tips on how to safely navigate the streets.

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