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Who is the Köppen of Köppencap?

Scientist Peter Köppen changed our view of the sky. He invented a classification of the climates and maps to forecast the weather which are still used today. It is no wonder his name is in ours, as we pedal and skate through the city at the mercy of the elements.

Clothes to match the climate

The man has all it takes to please the nomadic and micro-mobile hipsters that we are: sporting a long beard and a Scandinavian-sounding name, to ensure he is doubly-certain of fitting in with the style of the moment. Too bad, his beard is as streaky as an ill-humoured bunch of stratus clouds, and he is of German and Russian nationality.
That said, there are some other sides to Peter Köppen that are far more fascinating for us, commuters on wheels who are particularly sensitive to the climate… a subject in whose study Köppen was a pioneer. Whether we turn our noses to the sky or to a weather app to gauge the conditions and dress accordingly, we experience the atmospheric elements, as studied and classified by Peter Köppen, on a daily basis.
Indeed, in 1900, the scientist was the first to categorise the different global climates according to the rainfall and temperatures recorded in different cities and regions. With this classification and his weather maps, Köppen succeeded in summarising complex climatic data in a very simple way.

Köppen’s classification: an essential tool for meteorologists

Thus the Sahel is of type BSh, the city of New York is Cfa or Dfa6 and a large proportion of France is Cfb. What does this mean? The first letter indicates the type of climate, the second the rainfall pattern, the third temperature variations.
It is to adapt to these climatic fluctuations that the Köppencap clothing was conceived, with a modular design in preparation for the hesitations of the heavens. Well protected, so that we don't have to worry about the sky falling on our heads!

Text: Anouchka Noisillier and Guillaume Desmurs

Photos: Steven Pahel, Lewis Parsons on Unsplash 
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