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Don't forget your helmet!

On a bike, and even on a scooter, helmets are adjusting to the new means of travel. They are evolving and changing to become more resistant, lighter, more stylish... so that you can ride without a thought for your head.
At the same time, another study showed that 40% of accidents on electric scooters result in head injuries in particular.

The importance of the helmet

Numbers, first of all, just to convince the urban skaters twirling around without helmets, that maybe covering their scalps isn’t such a bad idea. In a 2019 study (carried out in Austin, Texas), researchers calculated that for every 100,000 trips on electric scooters, 20 people were injured.
At the same time, another study showed that 40% of accidents on electric scooters result in head injuries in particular. Only those with their heads in the clouds will remain impervious to these statistics!
The helmet has moreover been at the centre of recent debates around micromobility, as the City of Paris has made it compulsory since September 2019, for all children under the age of twelve travelling on electric scooters to wear a helmet.
There is still a lot of reticence amongst adults: the fear of ridicule, the desire to be fashionable, the reluctance to change one's habits... To get things moving, some electric scooter operators have launched a campaign to encourage people to wear helmets... and to convince the tough nuts.

Eco-mobility brands stand up for the helmet

Popular scooter operator Bird, after a failed campaign to change habits, has opted for a simple yet impactful concept: selfies for free credits. For each selfie featuring a user wearing a helmet on a Bird scooter (and posted using the tag #BirdHelmetSelfie), the operator will gift them minutes of travel time. And it works!
For female cyclists who fear that their carefully styled locks be crushed under the infuriating helmet, Décathlon offers some tips and tricks to save the perm. The Madmoizelle blog, meanwhile, offers 5 useful tips, without splitting hairs, to protect your hairstyle.

Innovative helmets

And for those who, like us here at Köppencap, value style as much as security, we have selected the following, slightly out of the ordinary, helmet models.

  • The helmet that makes people laugh
Who has never compared their accountant’s rigid hairstyle to that of a Playmobil figure? Thanks to a Danish company, it is now possible to sport the same panache on your bike trips. Originally designed for children, this helmet is now available in all sizes. Is that your accountant laughing?
  • The inflatable helmet
Bumpair offers a helmet that can be deflated, folded and stowed in your pocket once you have completed your journey. Not yet on the market, this technology seems a little overwhelming, even if the idea is appealing.
  • The folding helmet
Better than the inflatable helmet: the folding helmet! “As safe as a traditional helmet,” Indemand, the brand behind this folding helmet, seems compelled to specify. The concept still remains astonishing...
  • The invisible helmet
Now that's a bold idea! "The safest helmet in the world is not a helmet"; To convince those who don't like helmets, Hödving's designers have developed an alternative solution: an airbag that is worn around the neck and protects the neck and head in the event of an impact. This already exists for motorcycling and could well prove to be a worthwhile alternative to a helmet.
Text: Anouchka Noisillier and Guillaume Desmurs
Photos: Zac Ong on Unsplash, Bird on Twitter, MOEF, Bumpair, Park&Diamond and Hovding 

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