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Whether you’re on foot or on wheels: let's keep moving together!
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It’s time to lift (a part of) the veil on our intentions
Creating a pare-down of chic, technical and reflective overcoats, specially designed for our daily urban travels, on foot or on wheels, to promote soft-mobility.
Light signature to indicate your direction
and be seen at day and night
Practical pockets and zips accessible with one hand
Movement ease and comfort to pedal, skate or simply walk
Waterproof fabric with a soft touch to face climate uncertainties
Chic style elegant sobriety suitable for the city life
Breathable for a perfect thermoregulation
Mani - Fest O
For those who cycle every morning between work and home
through rain, wind, snow, night and day.
For those who play in the margins of the city,
inventing their own highway code and taking the path less travelled....

We are a small team of
creative people, engineers, technicians and stylists
determined to inspire a new vision of the world,
and make it easier for you to travel ethically every day.

With spontaneity, style and elegance,
with clothes that protect your life,
without taking a wrong turn.

We defend freedom of movement,
because movement is the basis of all life,
while protecting and respecting the environment.
Connecting places, people, ideas,
with courtesy and respect,
and making the world a bigger, better place.
Movement — For evolution
Köppencap came in being as a result of series of analyses, experiences, opportunities, obsessions and chance meetings, which ultimately revealed something obvious. So the challenge lay in making what was obvious a reality. Taking care of mankind and the environment, whilst being entrepreneurial! [...read more +]
The metamorphosis of a contemporary city
American street and fashion photographer Saul Leiter captured the sidewalks and windowfronts like no other.
A sharp eye, a master of reflections, a delightful wanderer, he truly revealed the elegance and mystery of the New York streets.
Electric scooters symbolise the soft-mobility of tomorrow. A wondrously fluid world. Yet this little gem of urban travel reveals the flaws of a self-absorbed society
The human sense of direction is a muscle that urban nomads need to exercise, just like their calf muscles. A scientific study took a look at the brains of London taxi drivers - specifically an area called the hippocampus - to prove it...

Köppencap offers a clothing and accessories concept to neo-nomads who live from one project to another, and who choose comfort, speed and flexibility. In this spirit, Köppencap creates and offers an urban wardrobe featuring oversized protective clothing, designed to be thrown on, taken off and worn again. This minimalist style is inspired by sportswear and workwear, enhanced by new technologies.
Köppencap is a French Fashion Tech company which designs, manufactures and distributes clothes and accessories for neo-nomads. All over the world, this new generation is constantly on the move: in cities, and in rain, sleet and snow.
The brand innovates by offering protective clothing and accessories for all kinds of weather conditions, for rain and snow, cold and wind, and even in the hottest weather.
Protection also means visibility: our clothes are made to incorporate reflective fabrics, retro-reflective or fluorescent elements and LEDs to guarantee maximum visibility during the day and at night.
You’ll find all the clothing and accessories you need to travel cleanly and greenly, whether you choose a bike, electric bicycle, micro-scooter or electric micro-scooters (or anything else, for that matter). Just take a look at our e-shop.
Our French brand is committed to environmentally-friendly manufacture and is dedicated to truly sustainable fashion.

Köppencap is an urban brand, designed to clothe and protect you when you’re out and about. Our clothes and accessories are made for men and women who travel through the city by bike, scooter or any other sustainable means. This is both an outdoor and a highly technical brand, aiming to become the premium Fashion Tech fashion brand for neo-nomads who care about the environment.
Köppencap is also an e-shop for urban cycle wear. Our product range includes parkas, anoraks, ponchos, jackets and trousers. These clothes are specially designed for micro-mobility and city cycling, while maintaining our Urban Tech style. These are urban clothes for urban travel, whether on two wheels or on foot, and they’ll protect you from the elements. With Köppencap, cycle clothing combines street fashion and techwear to create men's and women's cyclewear and get you around town in style. If you cycle in the city, then you will find everything you need in our e-shop. Even in the rain, Köppencap will give you the protection you need, including rain gear, bike ponchos and rain capes. And if you ride in winter, Köppencap can also provide sleek, street winter bike clothing.

Cyclewear is designed with safety in mind, keeping you visible both day and night. Köppencap has all the safety equipment and accessories you need, including reflective jackets that allow you to be seen. Reflective, retro-reflective or fluorescent fabrics, combined with safety accessories such as LEDs, ensure your visibility both day and night. Köppencap clothing and accessories are essential pieces of kit to keep you safe on the road – but there are also all the little things that make cycling easier such as waterproof pockets or adjustable hoods that keep you dry, even under a helmet.

Köppencap designs clothing specifically for green transport and micro-mobility for urban travel, whether by bike, on foot or by scooter. The clothes are designed for maximum freedom of movement, complete safety (with both active and passive protection) and street style. With everything from ponchos and parkas to new techwear trousers, discover a whole Köppencap universe of urban micro-mobility and the great outdoors.

The Köppencap brand has also developed a range of accessories designed for micro-mobility, compatible with the brand’s cyclewear. With Köppencap, you can travel in comfort, style and safety, no matter the weather. It’s techwear too, for maximum safety on your bike.

Köppencap has thought of everything, especially in the rainwear collection. You’ll find rain caps and other rain gear, including ponchos and waterproof trousers. The brand is aimed at men and women, offering style and substance.

Koppencap.com offers a range of streetwear and cyclewear for men, and is the perfect place for all kinds of cycle equipment - for men and women. Go to koppencap.com and buy all the cycle clothes and accessories you need, designed to protect you from the elements such as rain jackets, cycle trousers, winter cyclewear and rain protection for urban bikes. Köppencap is reinventing urban clothing and techwear, so forget about traditional cyclewear and check out our all-new rain gear, inspired by the street. These products, for men and women, are available in our e-shop.

Walking or cycling in the rain must be comfortable, convenient and safe, so Köppencap is proud to offer a range of clothing and accessories specifically designed for cycling with style, even in the rain. There’s no reason high-performance techwear can’t be stylish, so get on board.

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join the movement !
Join the movement !